good question

all Purple products are made right here in the USA.

Purple P-19 is a revolutionary soap spray formula that does things it's not supposed to. a no-lather soap that you just spray.

Purple P-19 is like Spud Webb dunking over Jordan, a cool electric car built by a real life Iron Man, or becoming famous for doing something stupid on Instagram. It's not supposed to happen, but when it does it makes everyone say, huh? how'd they do that?

Purple uses the principles of soap making and kicks it up a notch with a bit of fancy science and cool technology. what we end up with is a soap spray that we call Purple P-19.

and the best part is we make it without all the nasty chemicals found in bleach, ammonia and those traditional products littering the aisles.

our scientists are like magicians pulling a rabbit out of a hat, only they really do pull a rabbit out of the hat.

by the way they prefer to be called scientists, not magicians....

Purple P-19 has been USA lab tested and proven to kill COVID-19. special right?

wait wait wait.... you said it's soap!

yup, we sure did, and that's what makes Purple special and unlike anything anyone has seen. It also leaves a lot of smart people scratching their heads.

Purple P-19 is a soap spray that happens to kill nasty bugs like COVID-19.

our other products

Purple-multi is a multi-purpose cleaner used for general cleaning.

clean all those disastrous messes like wine stains, pet stains, grease grime and gunk.

Purple multi will do it better than anyone else. same factory, same commitment to quality and same groundbreaking technology to create the best of the best.