same formula different space
Purple uses the same ingredients in all their products.
 no alcohol, non-toxic and no ingredients hiding in a fragrance.

. Purple multi products have been optimized for everywhere you don't use soap. Unlike Purple P-19, Purple-multi is NOT designated to be used to kill COVID-19.
use it just about everywhere 
find your target
spray Purple (wipe on)
wipe off (or let it sit)
tips and tricks
in a hurry after dinner while the kids scream for a movie? wipe that counter down and clean up those bits of spaghetti with Purple
clothing spot treater?
yup, spray away that mustard from three days ago on that shirt you haven't washed in two weeks. squirt a bit of Purple on it and throw it in the wash, you might actually see it disappear before you make it to the garage
we know you've been spending some time at home with that cabernet lately, we have too. spray Purple on that late night whoops and head to bed. it'll be gone in the morning
pet stains?
your teacup poodle is adorable and we love her probably more than you do when she uses your carpet instead of the grass. Purple will make you love her again as much as we always did. just spray the spot and give it a dab with a clean towel.
filthy fingers?
elbows deep in the engine bay of that '65 mustang and you've got an anniversary date with your better half? show up with greasy nails and we can recommend a good divorce attorney. Purple will keep your marriage happy and your fingers gleaming. spray, rinse and wipe.
you stink?
we'll throw you a bone here, it's actually your garbage can. spray it with Purple and close the lid. don't worry about rinsing, its' your garbage can!